Why You Should Try a Vegan Meal When You Can

One of humankind’s more common self-limiting belief is the phrase “but we’ve always done it that way.”  As a species, we are paradoxically both highly creative and strangely cautious, favoring what we know over “the unknown.”  Never is that truer than with vegan food if you are non-vegan.  But here’s why you should try a vegan meal if you get the chance.

A vegan meal is a great way to sample a cruelty-free plate.  Meat, dairy and eggs are the by-products of incredibly cruel and barbaric animal exploitation.  A vegan meal can of course come with many side-dishes, but one that you won’t find with a vegan meal? Guilt.  You can get to have your conscience as clear as your vegan plate will be.

You are also sampling part of a diet / lifestyle that is incredibly good for you.  Meat, dairy and eggs are increasingly being identified as being detrimental to human health.  It is then no coincidence that many vegans have considerably lower incidents of serious health issues such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and some forms of cancer.

Trying a vegan mean is also a nod to our long-suffering Mother Earth.  Industrial-sized, global animal agriculture is not only hideously cruel, it is also both unsustainable and a major source of pollution and environmental destruction.  Emissions from billions of factory-farmed animals contribute heavily toward greenhouse gases that cause global warming while swathes of rain-forest are destroyed annually to make way for more and more land for cattle to graze.

And finally, vegan food simply tastes great.  The irony is, of course, non-vegans mostly eat vegan food all the time.  Animal products are relatively few in number compared to vegan food-stuffs.  And as any doctor worth their salt will tell you, a wholly plant-based diet is more than possible (and they should also tell you how good it is for you too!) whereas a strictly meat only diet would be a recipe for the hospital sooner or later.

Definitely something to ponder over when you try that vegan meal! Bestvegan directory can help you to find the vegan resources you need.