Vegan Food Trends

Most Popular Vegan Food Trends In 2020

The recent past years had a high demand for vegan foods, and still, the market is rising. Most people in the world switch into vegan diets. So vegan food has become a popular food trend all over the world. Trends are changing over the years, and the same happens to food trends. Most worldwide restaurants also introduced various vegan foods, and still, they are searching for new vegan food ideas for upcoming years to serve their vegan customers. A variety of delicious vegan foods have introduced in the year 2020. Here are some famous vegan food trends in 2020, which you can experience.



Cerial or Oats is famous food all over the world. You can use oats as an alternative for meat and milk since it can give you the same nutrients or even better than meat and dairy. This was the top dairy trend in 2019. But this year 2020, it has become to use broader than the dairy alternative. Swedish brand called Halsa is trying to make yogurt alternatives from oats, and also some Taco Bell brands also have got into the meat industry made from oats. Texture and the taste of Oat Meat are the same as traditional beef even though the ingredients are different.  

You can find the oats nutrition data here.

Vegan Meat

Most scientists and companies have turned into the production of vegan meat in 2020. This process is still on the experimental level, and most of the experiments have succeeded. You can taste traditional chicken in your favourite ways, such as fried, nuggets, or wings. KFC and A&W have already experimented with vegan chicken, and you can eat from anywhere from the world sooner. This will be a good alternative for vegans whole likes the chicken taste.

Vegan Eggs

If you are a vegan now you can eat eggs also. The industry has turned into inventing vegan eggs. In 2020 you can experience in fried, scrambled, quiche, or even hard-boiled vegan eggs in your diet. Vegan eggs are an excellent alternative to eggs since taste and look the same as traditional eggs. Tim Hortons has already tried on vegan egg patties in Canada. There will be vegan egg sandwiches and many more dishes near the future to taste.

Vegan Cheese.

Cheese is one of the famous food dairy food among people. But vegans don’t accept cheese since it has made from milk. Now vegans also have cheese since, in 2020, there is vegan cheese. If you are a vegan, you can taste many cheese options like pizzas and burgers. Cheese producers are in the production process of vegan cheese types like cheddar, gouda, and spreadable cream cheese.

Vegan fast food

In past years most fast foods had included chicken, cheese, eggs, and sausages. Vegans who love to have fast food unable to eat those since ingredients of most fast foods are non-vegan. But in 2020, fast food options become a vegan food trend. Most restaurants have introduced many fast food options for vegans. With the inventions of vegan chicken and vegan cheese, burgers have high demand among vegans. In 2019 there was only vegan meat, but in 2020 there are both vegan meat and cheese. So consumers can have fully veggie options. Now vegans seek for vegan cheeseburgers and vegan pizzas. EU and Australian markets of Domino’s and Pizza have already added vegan cheese successfully for their menus.

Vegan Chocolates

When we tlk about Vegan Food Trends we cannot forget the Chocolates. Even though you are young or old, everyone loves to eat chocolates. But there is a barrier for vegan because chocolate also made from milk. But now you can have chocolates without any doubt. Many chocolate producers like Nestle and Mars have entered into the dairy-free chocolate industry.

Dairy-Free Ice cream

Now vegan can have dairy-free ice creams from the market. Eclipse Foods has introduced vegan ice cream without using dairy milk, and they state that dairy-free milk is creamier than cow’s milk. The base of these ice cream is potato, corn, oats, canola oil, sugar, and water.


There were peanut butter and almond butter in the market already. But the emerging of the vegan dietary habits, demand for these seeds, and nut butter also increased. Now producers have turned into broader areas rather than peanut and almonds. There are various types of plant-based butter, such as watermelon, pumpkin, poppy, and hemp. They also rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, magnesium, and contain allergy-free ingredients.  

Bean Based Products

Beans are a nutrient-rich popular food among vegans. But there are many more innovations from seeds to make vegan foods. The usage of beans become broader than earlier. Producers work on introducing more meals based on bean-based proteins. Some of them are yogurts made from peas, vegan eggs made from mung beans, vegan burgers from fava beans, lentil noodles, and many more. And also, there some startups for meat and dairy alternatives from humble beans. There may be mass choices from beans in more innovative ways.

New trends from Greens

Vegetables have lots of trends in recent years. Now there are many more innovative applications from vegetables instead of traditional cooking. For example, cauliflower now uses for bread and pasta to pizza crusts. Greens become better than ever. There may be many more new foods from vegetables like peas, broccoli, and Brussel sprout. People use every part of the vegetable from root to stem. This will be a good vegan food trend in 2020, as well as for the future.

With these new vegan food trends, vegans do not have to suffer from their future food choices. Because there will be considerable variations in vegan foods rather than non-vegan food, since vegan foods are rich in all essential nutrients, this food trend will be healthier than other foods. Most people worldwide may turn into these vegan foods, and there will be a massive market for this.

Hurry and try this newest food in 2020.