Is it better to be Vegetarian or Vegan?

In this article, we mention the similarities and differences to be Vegan vs. Vegetarian. Also, we talk about which diet is healthier and what is accurate for weight loss and side effects of each diet. One of the most arguable question. What is the best diet, vegetarian or vegan diet?

What is a Vegetarian diet?

There are several types of vegetarian diets in the world, which are slightly different from each other. Maybe for religious reasons, environmentalism, health issues, or ethics lead people to maintain these diets. Vegan and Vegetarian menus are two extreme diets followed by people who don’t eat meat. But what is the difference between being a Vegan vs. Vegetarian? 

Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish, Poultry, and any by-products of animal carnage. However, there are a few particular types of vegetarians in the world. 

  1. Lacto-Ovo vegetarians: They stay away from all meat, but do eat dairy and egg products.
  2. Lacto vegetarians: They stay away from animal meat and eggs but do eat dairy products.
  3. Ovo vegetarians: They stay away from all animal products except eggs.
  4. Vegan Diet: They stay away from all animal products, including Diary products as well.

What is a vegan diet?

Being a Vegan is a strict form of vegetarianism; vegans don’t devour any animal products in their diet. So they only eat plant-based food, in total avoiding any meat, Fish, Eggs, Poultry, Honey, Insects, and any dairy product. And some may go to the extreme level of veganism and avoid using bee wax, leather, or any product that directly or indirectly involves the human use of any animal. 

What’s better to follow from Vegan vs. Vegetarian?

When someone is not eating any meat, they usually add a high amount of nutrient-dense foods to their diet. Mostly they get high-level of vitamins, fibre, and minerals as well. Also, they get proteins from plant-based food such as seeds and nuts more often. However, they get a lack of calcium, vitamin D, Iron, and Zinc as there is no way of getting a higher amount in plant-based food.

Also, there is a chance of not getting enough long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B12 is a general issue for vegetarians. However comparing to the Vegans, vegetarians get a higher amount of essential fatty acids. The only way of taking the Omega 3 acids is by consuming Chia seeds and Hemp seeds more often. Since the dietary supplements are also may contain animal products, always check the label for the ingredients and where it comes.

Can I lose weight by following a vegan diet?

There have been some researches about the impact of vegan diets on the fat layer of humans in 2018. As a result of the study, they found that there is a chance of reducing belly fat by following a Vegan diet than following a Vegetarian Diet. So if you’re trying to find a Vegan diet to follow, first meet a qualified dietician before starting for better results. Both are considered to be good for human health at any stage of life, only if you plan it well. 

Let’s ask the question again? Is it better to be Vegetarian or Vegan? We cannot say that any of these diets are bad for your health. Both have pros and cons, and you may well handle it smarter with the right and a balanced diet with sufficient nutrients from versatile food in your diet. You can also read our previous articles to be familiar with how to get enough nutrients from plant-based food for Vegans