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Is It Hard to Be Vegan?

Change is not only a primary defining characteristic of being human, but it is also often one of the most challenging attributes too.  What we know, what we are familiar with, are raised up with, such as history, culture and tradition, are super-powerful elements in our lives – and that undoubtedly extends to what …

Why Are You Vegan?

From a non-vegan perspective, veganism often presents the curious with a number of questions.  Some, for example, are far-fetched at best, involving tenuous references to cavemen and desert islands.  However, some are quite valid, such as questions about protein or, more fundamentally, just “why are you vegan?”

are three main reasons as to why someone …

Why You Should Try a Vegan Meal When You Can

One of humankind’s more common self-limiting belief is the phrase “but we’ve always done it that way.”  As a species, we are paradoxically both highly creative and strangely cautious, favoring what we know over “the unknown.”  Never is that truer than with vegan food if you are non-vegan.  But here’s why you should try …